Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Racism Run Rampant

Barack Hussein Obama was thought to be and characterized as a "uniter" and as a "post-racial" figure and that would have been ideal, but like so much else of the promise of Obama, in the event all Obama managed was to disappoint. The reality is that America is more racially polarized now than when Obama entered office, and it is on both the white and black side of the major racial divide in the United States. I have never before seen the degree of anti-black venom being spewed on many Drudge-linked stories that I am witnessing now (though Matt Drudge bears no responsibility for the comment section on stories and videos linked to his site). Recent video of a store being looted that appeared on YouTube had copious "n-words" in submissions from viewers and it is disgusting. No one was injured in the "flash mob" grab and go organized shoplifting expedition. It was a coordinated effort that netted a few thousand dollars in merchandise and was criminal but it was not murder, mayhem, or maiming, just some opportunistic youth doing the wrong thing. The worst crimes committed in human history were Communist purges in Russia by whites and China by Asians, and the Holocaust with the perpetrators again white Germans and their almost exclusively white collaborators, and the internecine murder spree by the Khmer Rouge killing fellow Cambodians. What a few young people did in sporadic incidences of property crime and a handful of isolated physical assaults in no way justifies scorn being poured on a single race, when over ninety-nine percent of that race was not involved in any of the incidents and where community leaders have come out to immediately condemn and abhor the mob action. This by no means absolves those fomenting violence and agitating over grievances settled in the 1960s for stoking racial strife from the black portion of the race equation. Among those who have deliberately exacerbated the race tension, Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party spring to mind. Decent people of every race must stand against the rabble-rousers on any side and where mobs form, decent people must stand with the authorities to turn them back.

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