Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coming in Days

The Palestinian Authority is going to seek a state of Palestine from the United Nations in September, which will fly through the Jew-baiting General Assembly with broad support in short order, and it is my contention that Palestinian statehood will not face a US veto as Israel expects in the more powerful UN Security Council. I believe that just as the Obama administration surprised Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu while he was in the air on his last trip to Washington that Barack Hussein Obama intends to ambush all lovers of Zion by ordering America's UN Ambassador Susan Rice to abstain from the vote; thereby allowing the Palestinian state to come into being at Israel's expense without the Palestinians having to renounce violence or make any compromise of their own. The new Palestine does not necessarily spell doom for the Jewish State but seems to make a new "intifada" inevitable, regional war almost certain, and world war more rather than less likely. The creation of Palestine becomes the blessing of a terror state founded in jihad and will further turn Israel into a pariah state like apartheid South Africa. The formation of a belligerent Palestine intended to supplant the Jewish State of Israel is utterly unjust and no good will come of it.

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