Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great American Swindle

What is a few trillion dollars between such good friends, particularly when our good friends in government are intent not just on separating us from the money we earn but are destroying any possibility that the United States will return to prosperity? The fake solution put forward by the US Congress does not address real problems. A scheme with a commission comprised of equal numbers from the US Senate and House will have to advance particular cuts or automatic cuts will kick in including Medicare cuts and cuts of other social programs that might be both palatable to conservatives and necessary for the nation but these cuts are accompanied by half of the $2.4 trillion in cuts coming from the nation's defense which might placate America's political left but which would by necessity both compromise national security and force the nation to wrap up the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq before victory is attained. There has been nothing but continuing recession for most Americans under Obama and raising the debt ceiling in the manner they just did will provide a new moniker for this Congress- "recovery killers".

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