Monday, August 8, 2011

No Trick Phony

I foresee many a voter's worst nightmare coming to pass. Our one trick pony current President Barack Hussein Obama, whose only strategy is shilling class warfare, will be defeated, by the guileless faux conservative Mitt Romney who will use dissatisfaction with Obama and pandering to the Right that he will betray in office to gain the US Presidency. Romney is essentially on the same big government, statist team as Obama and just has a different jersey number. As governor of Massachusetts Romney was consistently liberal in social policy and instituted the first mandate from a state or commonwealth that its citizens must buy medical insurance. Romney created Obamacare before Obama. Romney is distinction without difference and would only make cosmetic changes in America's governance when a course correction back to conservatism is needed to save the country. Between the Limburger cheese now in the White House and the jack mackerel out in the steaming summer heat trying to depose him, both stink to high heaven and I wish to vote for neither.

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