Friday, August 26, 2011

The Contributor Scam

My hometown of Nashville, Tennessee is beset with a plague of aggressive panhandlers masquerading as newspaper vendors. They are a blemish- no a blight- and project the worst image of Music City imaginable. The sales force is supposedly composed of the homeless and the so-called paper which is nothing more than pap is purportedly being sold to integrate them into the working community. There is one vendor downtown who must have formerly been in what has been euphemistically called the "human relations" trade and she still dresses and flirts like she is soliciting a trick. She also sports expensive Western wear right down to a shiny concho belt and has what appears to be a smart phone better than those doctors carry as she interrupts the traffic, both auto and pedestrian, on or near Commerce Street. If we had any city leaders in authority, they would use order offenses to crack down on this pestilence or require that newspapers be available only inside stores or sold or even given away through dispensing machines or vendor stands to rid the cities of this nuisance.

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