Friday, August 5, 2011

Greenhouse Gas Chamber

Do hundreds of new government regulations, many springing forth from the Environmental Protection Agency, seem the ideal way to spark job creation? I think this is not so much a path to creating jobs as to finishing off the few vestigial remnants of the industrial economy of the United States, but Obama and his acolytes are imposing bureaucratic manacles because they claim that they are determined to save the world from man-caused global warming in the same week a survey shows sixty-nine percent of Americans asked believe global warming is a hoax. How does more interference from Washington D.C. help those on Main Street, USA open new factories or employ new workers? How can potential business owners risk money when they know a faceless bureaucrat can throttle their plans after much capital has already been invested? What Americans are yearning for is not more inspection from Federal authorities, more paperwork that burdens unduly, and more nanny state strangulation, but a government that remembers to allow us to mind our business. Otherwise, entrepreneurship is dead and we are no longer citizens but subjects in our own country.

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