Sunday, August 21, 2011

Libya's Liberation Looms

(Or the Triumph of Leading from Behind): After suffering under the despotism of Muammar Gaddafi for more than a generation, it seems certain that the Libyan people are about to free themselves (with a modicum of Western help). Muammar Gaddafi had little natural constituency and ruled through tribalism, cronyism, and mostly, fear. Gaddafi is not exactly beloved by the Libyan people, and he will certainly not be missed by the survivors of the massacred victims of Pan Am Flight 103 and those killed by the falling debris in Scotland. Removing Gaddafi is no accomplishment of the West or NATO and least of all of the craven Obama administration but of the Libyan people themselves. Gaddafi's departure, if and when it occurs, will have come in spite of the Western allies, not because of it. What will become of Libya after the revolution is anyone's guess but beware of the Islamists who have taken a leading edge in the fighting.

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