Thursday, August 18, 2011

Israel Heats Up

Terrorist murderers attacked innocent Israelis today, killing seven including six civilians and wounding more than twenty others. The world was quick to condemn this outrage but calls for "restraint from both sides" came from many corners internationally. Demanding "restraint" from the Jewish State is at the least a tacit endorsement that the killings were justifiable as would be insisting Israel respond "proportionately". What is the proportionate response to blowing up noncombatants with an anti-tank missile? Should Israel wait until six unarmed Palestinians crowd into a minibus and blow it up with a rocket? These international pleas for Israel holding back and if it does retaliate, doing so in a measured way, are patently offensive to decency and invite more attacks on the Jewish populace and if heeded, show Israel no longer merits any respect for her ability at deterrence and that those ruling Israel care more for the opinion of international Jew-haters than the lives and safety of Israel's own citizenry. After all, an Israeli leadership that possesses the tools to subdue terror but does not out of worry over condemnation by the inherently anti-Israel United Nations is almost as immoral as the Jihadist murderers themselves.

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