Thursday, August 11, 2011

Capitulate, Collaborate, Cooperate

When the GOP will not stand their ground on any issue, when they make common cause with Team Obama, when they ridicule and attack their own conservative voters, when they stand for nothing, when will it be time to take the dozen or so true conservative US Senators and the less than one hundred authentic conservative members of the US House of Representatives and start a new "real right" political party? We are "hobbits" and the skunk at the punch bowl at the Republican ball. The GOP is not the party of Reagan, he was the anomaly, but the party of Rockefeller, Bob Michel, and Susan Collins. John McCain who gratuitously insults us is real Republican as the party exists today; Sarah Palin who shares our values is the unwelcome outsider. The moderate main stream of GOP politicos occasionally will work together with the small government, personal responsibility values voter as in the last (failed) Presidential election, but we right wingers are used for their opportunistic convenience and attempts at personal advancement, while in Washington, they betray our votes and interests with remarkable consistency. The alacrity with which they declare their affinity for Kennedys or Kerry and compliment the collegial atmosphere in the Senate while Harry Reid conspires with Obama to dismantle the nation demonstrates unequivocally that most of the GOP Senate contingent shares nothing with us. If the Republican "elite" continue to slap us in the face, it will be time to go third party.

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