Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pillar to Post

Some think a sea change occurred in the recent US elections. I am in no way so optimistic. The Democratic caucus has been distilled, lost almost all its moderates (with a literal handful of exceptions including former Tennessee Vol and Washington Redskin quarterback Heath Shuler, now a US Representative from North Carolina and the presumptive leader of the dying Blue Dogs), and now ranges from pure socialist to quite radical. The GOP retained a number of Republicans in name only (RINO) with the Alaska US Senate race still being contested. The number of conservative firebrands and tea party candidates that won their races and are due to be sworn is actually relatively small, with most Republicans in office suffering from Lindsey Graham syndrome, where they do not accept the premise that most Americans want the Obama agenda blocked outright but still believe that Republicans can and must work with Barack Hussein Obama for the good of the nation with widely hated schemes like Obama care and cap and trade only needing a little tinkering- some adjustment on the margins. Those RINOs do not recognize that the election results were any sort of seismic shift and certainly not any sort of quiet revolution. These go along to get along Republicans need to go- they need to be voted out in large numbers in 2012 GOP primaries because as long as they are in office, they will seek common cause with those dragging America into socialism.

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