Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Koreas Ignite

A new Korean conflagration may be in the offing as the last Stalinist regime on earth smells the weakness brought forth by the pronounced lack of will in the White House. Active fighting has flared between the two Koreas who since the 1950s have coexisted with an armistice but no peace treaty. This extremely dangerous resumption of hostilities was predicated no doubt by the succession struggle in North Korea, but make no mistake- the North Koreans took Barack Hussein Obama's docility into consideration before embarking on their deadly path. This conflict with World War III potential would not have started had not Pyongyang sensed America's passivity under our crypto-Marxist leader who could not even conclude a trade agreement successfully with South Korea. When the United States is saddled with weak-kneed leadership with a pronounced lack of resolve, the globe is at greater hazard.

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