Tuesday, November 16, 2010

America's Flying Public

The passengers of airlines are righteously indignant about being subjected to the type of search normally performed in prisons on convicted felons just to retain the right to board a commercial flight. Even the pilot and crew are subjected to these radiation-emitting scans or grossly intrusive pat downs. This is nonsense- if the pilot who happens to possess the ability to crash the plane on a whim also happens to have a can of now prohibited soda- who cares? Our Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is bizarre. If President Barack Hussein Obama wishes to mollify the public against this offensive nonsense, he should subject himself and his wife and two daughters to the same procedure on live television. The cameras need not broadcast the X-ray scan results but merely have the whole Obama clan go through a live and active "naked" screening as we are now required to do if we need to fly. Obama and family should then volunteer for the additional grope screen those who opt out of the scanner must endure. When Obama is willing to do that (as he may be on his own behalf), and when he is willing to have his daughters broadcast undergoing the same procedures (which he would never permit), then the flying public should quit its carping. Until then, Americans have every right, indeed a sacred obligation to squawk. 

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