Monday, November 29, 2010

Forcing America's Hand

God knows Barack Hussein Obama does not want another war. Obama certainly did not wish to inherit the two active fighting fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq that America was already in when he came into office, but there was nothing he could do about that beyond withdrawing as quickly as possible without concern for whether strategic objectives have been reached and certainly without achieving victory (even dismissing the notion of "victory" being possible).  Arriving in the Oval Office with a peacenik mindset, Obama never contemplated a third war with active hostilities resuming between the Koreas. The US national security team did not even fathom the prospect that a power vacuum emerging in North Korea would set off a leadership struggle there that would kindle one more active shooting war. This new threat is more grave than the nuclear terror posed by North Korea alone- it also could provoke rising superpower Red China. Every assurance has been transmitted to China that South Korean-US maneuvers now ongoing are no threat to the People's Republic, but China does not accept such assurances on face value and still harbors every intention of at some point unifying the mainland with irredentist Taiwan. The Communist Chinese are watching very carefully for any sign of American weakness vis-a-vis our allies and just saw South Korea flinch by canceling or postponing an artillery exercise on Yeonpyeong Island that was so recently barraged by North Korea. Contrary to demonstrating that America and her allies are reasonable and mean the evil doers no harm, this lack of resolve conveys the opposite message- that the Obama regime is weak, lacks the will to stand with allies, and ultimately looks to appease the surviving members of the Axis of Evil (North Korea and Iran). It should be apparent to even the most casual observer that as the wiki-leak confirms, the hand of Red China is deeply implicated in both Iran's nuclear rise and North Korea's ongoing belligerence. At some point though, perhaps through miscalculation, North Korean aggression may be so bellicose that it forces the United States to act, no matter what kind of misleader we have in the White House. And that may be how World War III starts, not with a roar but with an Obama whimper. 

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