Thursday, November 25, 2010

Begrudging Israel's Existence

Just as in the cowardice evinced in the Korea situation, evil marches on in the assault on Israel's very existence underway at the United Nations. There have always been large majorities against the Jewish state in recent years in international forums, with Arab states, Muslim nations, and despotic regimes always ready to condemn Israel. Only the fair mindedness of the American people, that America was just and had Israel's back, and possessed the power of veto in the UN Security Council kept anti-Israel motions at bay. Unfortunately for the cause of justice and tragically for Israel, Barack Hussein Obama no longer considers Israel to be worthy of US protection and any American support for Israel now hinges on the Jewish state making territorial compromises that imperil Israel's very existence. Notwithstanding the fact, that nowhere in the Palestinian leadership is there an arbiter that wants peace or even accepts Israel remaining as a Jewish state, with America paying no heed to continued Palestinian incitement and violence, Israel is expected to return to pre-1967 War suicide borders and abandon control of the Jewish people's holiest sites. Jews have always looked to the Kotel, also known as the Wailing Wall, and the last physical vestige of the Temple, as the center of religious practice. The words "next year in Jerusalem" were a fervent hope and sacred prayer- not "next year in Crown Heights" or "next year in Scarsdale"- the very heart of Judaism can not be traded away for hollow Obama assurances or even F-35 advanced strike fighter jets. Just look at the way Obama has shied away from commitments to South Korea after the Chenoan sinking and the recent artillery barrage. If Obama will not lift a finger after fifty allies are murdered in a nation where twenty-eight thousand US troops are already on the ground, Israel must recognize that America will never assure the security of the Jewish state. Benjamin Netanyahu must simply say no to Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama and not give away the strategic depth Israel requires for future survival.

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