Monday, November 22, 2010

More Media Madness

Last night's NBC evening newscast featured more idiocy issuing forth from Lester Holt who was broadcasting from Afghanistan. Mr. Holt casually stated that the "war on terror started in Afghanistan", evidently forgetting the USS Cole outrage in the waters off Yemen and September 11, 2001 when al-Qaeda visited Manhattan. The big wet kiss to the Afghan atavists continued on the telecast with Holt dining in the home of a baker who had fought the Russians and fled but then recently returned to Kabul with his family from his sanctuary in Iran. This mujahid was just as friendly and welcoming as your doughnut man down the street in Anytown, Middle America in sharing the bounty of the Eid festivities. No effort was made to portray the other face of the holiday involving the sacrifice of goats, sheep, cattle, and even camels- that was all sanitized, kept from view of the American audience as part of the dinosaur media conspiratorial effort to whitewash the more brutal aspects of this "religion of peace". The US homeland must not be alarmed that butchers prevail in the faith that brought jihad across the globe. Then the NBC farce from the fighting front went on with Richard Engel displaying his utter lack of knowledge of war-fighting by speculating on a point man "stepping on an IED". Any reporter with the slightest military acumen would know the difference between a contact-triggered land mine and a remote-detonated bomb, the type of which is claiming most of the US casualties in Afghanistan, but evidently Engel does not. Where are the days when so-called war correspondents knew the rudiments of the combat about which they attempt to report? The main stream media once again gets it offensively wrong, acts as press agents for people who want to kill us, and has only the vaguest knowledge of military terms of art, but what else would you expect? This kind of misreporting is par for the course on ABC, CBS, NBC, and in the New York Times. At least on FOX, Oliver North occasionally appears to clear up the muddle. If truth prevailed, at least the American people would learn who and what we are fighting.

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