Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Heedless Leader

The President of the United States ran under the slogan of "hope and change", but this particular ruler is inflexible and doctrinaire. Barack Hussein Obama is an agent of only one form of change- advocacy for radical socialism which happens to be contrary to America's founding ethos and his rigid refusal to compromise away from redistributionist schemes is becoming the primary impediment to sustained economic recovery. Obama will not countenance extending the Bush era tax cuts on the highest earners, even though these earners tend to be the largest private sector job creators. A jihad on job creation, a war on the free markets is no way to end the nation's longest ever recession. Private sector employers do not expand in the face of uncertainty and higher taxes certainly do not grow Subchapter S corporations where business earnings are taxed as individual income. These Subchapter S corporations have traditionally comprised the majority of US business startups and have also typically done most of America's hiring. Now government entities are doing most of the hiring as America becomes mired in a socialist tragedy- awaiting our inevitable day of reckoning a la Greece or Ireland. As circumstances evolve, our "change" President will remain as unflinching as ever in seeking to impose a Fabian socialist or even Marxist agenda. And no matter the rhetoric, Barack Hussein Obama has no desire to prevent this and every intention of imposing his vision of Amerika.

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