Sunday, March 1, 2015

Power as Magnet

Do you remember when George W. Bush was President, how so-called "civil libertarians" raised a fuss about government agents proverbially looking over our shoulders in public libraries? Do you recall how in the wake of September 11, 2001, supposed voices of conscience on the Left like the American Civil Liberties Union were warning of the potential for the rise of a Big Brother-type surveillance state? Now, in the United States, we are spied on more than ever by government, but these civil libertarians are nowhere near as robust in their criticism of Barack Hussein Obama as they were toward Bush because they see Obama as a fellow traveler. It is alright by them if an ideological soulmate expands the surveillance net cast by government because in the eyes of the Left that authority over the citizenry is only dangerous in the hands of right-wingers. When politicians of any stripe and the army of bureaucrats who put their policies into action gain or grant themselves more power, they are loath to ever relinquish it. When Republicans implement an expansion of authority, Democrats are likely to grouse about it to win votes, but will almost never give back the expanded power the GOP initiated. Conversely, when Democrats grow the prerogatives of government, Republicans may talk a good game about reversing what the Democrats have done, they rarely roll back Democrat initiatives when next they achieve governing majorities, and bureaucrats never want less, but always want more regulations, to enhance their own control over the populace. That is why it seems that government interference in are lives only and always grows deeper.

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