Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu Is Right

The last leader that the world is able to depend on to resist Islamism spoke to the United States Congress today. A number of petulant fools who belong to the Democrat Party boycotted the speech. Benjamin Netanyahu is a stalwart defender of the State of Israel. Israel is charged with defending Jewry, as Jews more than any other identifiable group have been subjected to murder, rape, pillage, and even attempted genocide. The Jewish State is also far in a way the most reliable ally America has in the Middle East. Netanyahu has warned America and the world of the singular danger that a nuclear-armed Iran would be. It is not merely Israel that would be under threat, but the Sunni states of the Middle East, parts of Europe, and with the rise of Tehran's missile arsenal, even the United States itself. Netanyahu was not talking exclusively about how Iran is menacing the Jewish State, but more broadly talking about the threat that a regime led by religious fanatics armed with atomic-tipped intercontinental missiles holds in store for the whole world.

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