Monday, May 5, 2014

The Scattering Ashes

America's military might alone did not make us great. Liberty and our willingness to lay down our lives for it differentiated America from all the evil empires that only spread tyranny. Barack Hussein Obama mocks the very idea of our Founding, going from country to country apologizing for what America has (only in the minds of Leftists like Barry himself) done to them. Obama parodies our exceptionalism by speaking of Brits believing in British exceptionalism and Greeks Greek exceptionalism without regard to the fact that it is freedom that made the US exceptional, not some component that mystically only occurs in the DNA of Americans. It was not that the USA has ever been perfect or some preternatural quality that only exists in American people that made Reagan extol our true virtue but the very virtue itself of championing the intrinsic value of individual freedom and of the individual himself that made and kept us the "Shining city on the hill". Obama continues to gainsay that as the order of the world crumbles about us because all the current US President projects is irreverence and weakness. The strength of liberty is liberty.

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