Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free the Marine

Mexico is holding a US Marine in inhuman conditions after he drove to a border crossing with guns he owned legally in the US in his car. He was new to San Diego and not familiar with the roads and border crossings into Mexico. He simply became lost and instead of Mexico turning him around and sending him back or simply taking his guns, Mexican authorities arrested him and have held him in deplorable conditions for fifty-two days. That the United States has not exerted diplomatic pressure on Mexico to release this serviceman is shameful. That Kerry or Obama have not called for his release is inexplicable. That Mexico concludes there is some benefit that will accrue to them by this heartless action is typical of a government that because of mismanagement, misrule, and malfeasance has sent millions over its northern border fleeing for better lives. To Mexico, do the right thing and avoid the scorn that will rightly be heaped on Mexico if Mexico does not. Let the US Marine go.

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