Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Protecting Their Own

The greatest danger to the Republican elite is not Barack Hussein Obama. What roils the GOP establishment is not the Democrat Party. The Rockefeller wing elephants are not stampeded by Putin and Russia or Iran. What burns up the progressive Teddy Roosevelt branch of the party is real conservatism, whether or not you brand it under the "TEA Party" label. The current crop of Republican mis-leaders may speak well of Ronald Wilson Reagan but they show they despise the Reagan ethos with the policies they promulgate. The logical inheritors of the Reagan legacy are Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and a handful of others. Rand Paul is too isolationist to be linked lineally to Reagan policy-wise as Reagan favored muscular foreign relations with an interventionist bent that cost him in Lebanon and caused legal complications vis-a-vis Nicaragua. Paul, no doubt though, is a real conservative in the way of his father, which might prove a winning lineage in the 2016 Presidential horse race.

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