Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tea Party Smashed

With the full weight of the main stream media (MSM), the Democrat Party, and most treacherously, the Republican establishment lined up against them, TEA Party candidates did not fare well this primary season. The reason the MSM opposes the TEA Party is that the dinosaur press is inhabited almost exclusively by leftists. Democrats are out to break the TEA Party because the TEA Party is against the ever-growing government that Democrats so love. The Democrats favor expansive, intrusive bureaucracy that the TEA Party came into existence to try to limit. As for the GOP establishment, they despise the TEA Party not because TEA Party nominees might lose but because they know they might win, and that the winning ideas of the TEA Party would inhibit the power of the progressives that control the Republican establishment, which is something Republican elites will never abide. Only a few TEA Party candidates triumphed, notably Ben Sasse in Nebraska, but the one fight the GOP establishment and the leftist cabal that stands with them can never win is the war of ideas.

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