Sunday, May 4, 2014

Obama's Foreign Succcess

I was going to write about the triumph of Barack Hussein Obama in international affairs, but realized my readers would be looking at a blank page. Whether it was Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State with her "Reset Button" with Russia or John Kerry backing down America's adversaries, look how the Obama State Department has delivered. Yeah, how is that working out for US? Lest we never forget Clinton's laxity permitted "four graves from Benghazi" when she left our Ambassador to Libya exposed on September 11, a date which should have automatically brought extra vigilance as a day of infamy since 2001. Obama is a danger to world liberty, such as it exists, embracing tyrants from Saudi Arabia to Malaysia while pushing Israel into a death trap. Hillary and Kerry have been no more or less than Obama's willing minions in making the US less respected around the world. Obama's foreign policy is marked by zero achievement and has brought America much scorn across the globe.

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