Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dumbing Them Down

Is abdicating local control of education to Common Core standards the best we can do? Do we want a society where one is either a worker bee drone or a dependent of the government and nothing more? Common Core does not broaden horizons in preparation for college instruction with the Classics, comprehensive teaching about Western Civilization, or preparation for continuing into the liberal arts. What it does very well is leave young minds open to governmental indoctrination. That is why progressives from both the Democrat but also the Republican Party support Common Core. Jeb Bush and Barack Obama agree Common Core is great for your (but not their) children. Disturbingly, Mike Huckabee, reliably conservative on most other issues, has disqualified himself for the Presidency by endorsing Common Core but saying it should be "rebranded", which would be a way of deceiving the public in order to push Common Core forward. With most Americans uninformed about Common Core or deliberately being misinformed by the elites and progressives backing it, Common Core will likely be the way of the future in almost every American school from prekindergarten through the twelfth grade.

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