Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Not Shining Sterling

The National Basketball Association has just banned an owner for life after he was recorded making vile, racist statements. The NBA is a private entity and can do whatever they want to Donald Sterling, but when government and public universities prohibit controversial speech, they are violating the First Amendment. In their quest to enforce politically-correct speech, state universities, colleges, and even junior colleges have even prohibited distribution of copies of the US Constitution, and their speech codes too often bear the hallmarks of fascism. I could care less what people do in their voluntary associations and am fine with the commissioner's stand against Sterling, but I am absolutely opposed to government and tax-subsidized "educators" attempting to suppress speech. The First Amendment exists precisely to preserve our freedom to say controversial things. Speech that does not cause a ruckus does not need any such protection. You only need the protections afforded by the First Amendment when what you declare makes others uncomfortable. Non-controversial speech stands on its own merit without the need for protection.

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