Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Maybe Next Year

Kentucky Wildcat basketball fans are heartbroken today. I sincerely doubt that the same cast of superstar underclassmen will be there next season to vie for another chance at the title. The best players are "one and done" and off to earn their fortunes in the National Basketball Association. Do I fault the players who rarely come from affluent backgrounds for going for the money when they are good enough that the NBA comes calling? Do I fault the University of Kentucky and John Calipari for recruiting the best players that are eligible to play college ball? If the stars only stay a year and follow the money into professional basketball where they make as much in a season as a wealthy American accumulates in a lifetime, has anyone been exploited? I would contend that everyone benefits except Kentucky's opponents. If the players are truly interested in obtaining a higher education, they can take courses during or after their playing career, which even for the best of the best, is fleeting. To the rival coaches who imply what Calipari has done is less than ethical- how many Wildcat superstars spurned you to go to Lexington?

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