Friday, April 4, 2014

The New Afghanistan

The worst possible outcome for Afghanistan, the nation that the US liberated from the Taliban, may be about to happen. That would be the return of the Taliban, who sponsored and shielded al-Qaeda, to power in that fractured country. Even allowing these brutal terrorists into a coalition government is unthinkable. If these religious fanatics are included and have any role in running Afghanistan, then all the Americans who have been killed there, all of our allies from other countries, who have laid down their lives, will have died for nothing. All the treasure we have spent to free Afghanistan will have been squandered, and all of the freedom-loving Afghans who joined America to fight back these atavists will be in mortal peril as the Taliban will avenge themselves against "collaborators". Nation-building may be a foolhardy concept, but in Afghanistan where that country was a failed state, a sanctuary for jihadist terror, and a haven for al-Qaeda, America had to act. Once the US committed blood to the enterprise, we should have had the will to see it through.

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