Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Will Netanyahu Fall?

With pressure from the right in his coalition including from within his own Likud Party to cease concessions to the recalcitrant Palestinians, Benyamin Netanyahu may not remain in power in Israel very long. He is also facing threats from leftist partners in his coalition who threaten to dissolve the government if Netanyahu leaves the peace process. With the left and right having mutually exclusive agendas, it is hard to envision how Netanyahu could placate both. Likud can not muster enough mandates to govern on their own, and if Likud fractures with those on the right within that party leaving because they realize Palestinians will never accept the existence of Israel as a "Jewish state", Netanyahu will be replaced as Prime Minister unless he cobbles together a government out of other parties whose disparate interests he can mollify in other ways. The best way to preserve the Zionist ideal might be to have a new government of the right emerge without Netanyahu in it. The worst outcome would be if a government forms led by peace at almost any price leftists like Tzipi Livni and Lapid who might pretend to be security-conscious by keeping Netanyahu as Prime Minister while only really allowing him to be a figurehead, which former allies of Netanyahu in the hawkish camp might allege is already going on now.

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