Monday, July 29, 2013

Watching Israel Implode

The Jewish State just released one hundred and four (104) Palestinian terrorists, including many who had participated in the murder of Israeli non-combatants. This foolhardy error was made by Israel's leaders under US and world pressure to lure Palestinians back to the negotiating table where Israel will be forced to make even more concessions, including giving up the Biblical heartland of the country for no peace and no prospect that Arabs will ever give up the goal of ridding the territory of Jews, no matter how conciliatory Netanyahu and his turncoats become in the talks restarting now. Maybe the "elected leaders" of Israel fear that the beleaguered little Jewish enclave surrounded by fanatical Muslims who are willing to die simply to kill innocent Jews can no longer withstand the badgering by Obama and his appendage Kerry along with the opprobrium of the rest of the world (that Shoah-perpetrating or permitting entity that has always been so warm and welcoming and fair with Jews in previous history) now that it has become clear that America will not have Israel's back in her existential struggle.

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