Saturday, July 20, 2013

Did You Know?

After securing his second term by having those who conceal his true face with the image he and they want projected of a cool-headed moderate, the real Barack Hussein Obama revealed himself speaking to reporters yesterday as he has done only three times before since he entered national public life. The first slip of the carefully crafted facade was when Obama blurted out to supporters in San Francisco without knowing he was being recorded his bitter clingers remark about guns, religion, and "antipathy" to those who are different from them. The second was when Obama let on that he was a classic redistributionist in his "Joe the plumber" gaffe. Both of these revelations occurred before Obama gained the Presidency. The third time was after Obama's election when he defamed American law enforcement with his "police acted stupidly" in the wake of the Cambridge clash that led to the so-called beer summit, when Obama realized he would have to stand for election again back in 2009. Obama's Trayvon talk yesterday demonstrate that he is a captive to race grievance with the same hostility toward non-African-Americans that we have long seen from Al Sharpton. I doubt if he had to stand for a free and fair election again, Obama with his broad brush accusation of racism against fellow Americans, in yesterday's Trayvon Martin musings, would have maligned so many fair-minded American people who have never looked at life through a racial prism.

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