Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Horse Butchers

Barack Hussein Obama won the US Presidency with the American Left convinced he was the answer. Animal rights proponents were generally heartened that a mean, old Republican had been defeated and a like-thinking Democrat would hold the nation's highest office and would defend animals with executive power. Well, Obama has pushed the "Green Agenda" and as a result, the United States has never had more windmills constructed to generate electricity (of which, they are not a reliable source), but my oh my, they do a wonderful job of extinguishing avain life, including many birds considered endangered. Then, there is Obama's commitment to be the science President. Obama has backed the sham science of man-caused global warming, but has ended the real science-gathering force of manned flight launched by NASA, as Obama ended the Space Shuttle program with no American replacement, leaving the US dependent on foreign-launchers, primarily Russia, to carry American astronauts into space. Obama has just allowed another betrayal to the environment and animal lovers to take place with his US Department of Agriculture permitting the opening of an American slaughterhouse for horses. Horses are a noble animal that belong in a pasture and not on a plate. The United States has an equine tradition dating back to Paul Revere's ride before the Declaration of Indepence and we are not honoring that history by permitting horse meat to be sold for human consumption. More on this wanton abuse of our noble steeds can be studied in this Christopher Seward article from the Atlanta Constitution Journal's website here:http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/biz-beat/2013/jul/01/1st-us-horse-slaughterhouse-gets-usda-green-light/

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