Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Rooting Section

The mainstream media continues to push the advance of the Leftist/progressive agenda. On the dinosaur press scorecard, everything good that happens in the country is to the credit of Barack Hussein Obama and all the headwinds that slow progress are the result of conservatives (including the TEA Party- who the legacy media disgustingly and disparagingly call "tea baggers") standing in the way of Obama moving us forward. In fact, any recovery in the US economy has taken place in spite of the President and not because of him. Obama's paid liar Jack Lew came to preach to his handmaiden media choir on the Sunday morning shows to denounce GOP "obstructionism" as the stumbling block to an improved economy and the rubber stamp flacks posing as journalists ate it up. The impediment to economic growth is the son of a Kenyan in the White House.

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