Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Summer's Fall

Barack Hussein Obama with his exotic heritage and upbringing and non-interventionist ethos of "leading from behind", abdicating the US strategic imperative, and allowing international multilateral bodies especially the United Nations to dictate America's posture abroad was supposed to make America more beloved than ever around the world, particularly after what was portrayed as muscular, shoot from the hip cowboy foreign policy in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. With Obama in the Oval Office with his Muslim birth father from Kenya and Indonesian Muslim stepfather was supposed to be beloved on the Arab and more broadly, the Muslim Street. In point of fact, after five years, the overt hostility the US State Department, America's ambassador to Egypt, and Obama himself were subjected to by the anti-Morsi demonstrators show that the United States is no longer loved or even feared by those on the Arab Street, including by those educated Westward-looking Arabs who one would have thought would have at least rhetorically embraced an American leader with such a pedigree. Obama was also presumed to be the President to bridge the gap between the races in the homeland itself. Look at the Trayvon Trial and the amount of venom spewed by certain African-Americans about seeking revenge by killing white people who have nothing to do with the event and see how Obama has united Americans. Barack Obama only reached the elevated perch his most ardent supporters place him on in their leader-can-do-no-wrong minds as every aspect of domestic and foreign affairs Obama aimed to improve are worse now than they were under George W. Bush who was supposedly reviled.

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