Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not a Chance

Even the dinosaur media is now talking about Herman Cain and his surging popularity, but that in no way means that the GOP establishment (otherwise known as the Republican elites who helped give us the failed McCain campaign) will embrace Cain now or ever. Cain is anathema to the Rockefeller-wing and all those "moderate" kingmakers, because Cain is in no way beholden to them. These Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe types have more in common with the Kennedys than Cain and they have opposed him and the TEA Party ethos now driving the ground game of the party. Cain is self-made and by the bootstraps and will not kowtow to power brokers or play down the middle, split the difference games. Cain drives right which is the conservative direction the nation needs.

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