Friday, October 21, 2011

Abdicating to Iran

Barack Hussein Obama is throwing in the towel in Iraq, which effectively cedes the field to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Well over half of the population of Iraq practice Shia Islam as do ninety percent of the people in neighboring Iran. They are not merely coreligionists but share an End Time mindset with the most influential and powerful extra-governmental group in Iraq already being Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army. Another indigenous Iraqi Shia group that has steadily risen is Hezbollah in Iraq which also acts on the behest of the Mullahs in Iran. By pulling up stakes now, Obama allows Iran to fill the power vacuum, with Shia believers in the Twelve Imam eschatology certain to gain a further foothold in a still fragile Iraq, which may well splinter along sectarian divides, with Kurds in control near and in conflict with Turkey, with Sunni fighting for their lives in the center of the country, and with much of the populace including the Shia "Marsh Arabs" giving natural fealty to Iran. Only the US troop presence had blocked Iran thus far and with American forces leaving, the gates are open to the most destabilizing and dangerous force in the world today, the aggressive jihadists of Iran (who also happen to be racing to produce nuclear weapons).

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