Sunday, October 23, 2011

Karzai the Lunatic

The mayor of Kabul who is also known as the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai now contends that if the United States goes to war with Pakistan that Afghanistan will side with Pakistan. The irony here is rich as the only reason that Karzai is in power today is the US presence. The reason Karzai is alive now is because American forces have kept him so. Karzai is widely believed to have manipulated the outcome to produce victory in the last election. He is not beloved by the Afghan people and might well meet the same fate as Gaddafi if his American protectors came home. So Karzai would side with Pakistan, the same nation that has destabilized his own country and has overseen much of the terror that the Afghan people have faced. Words are cheap and Hamid Karzai, who is nothing more than a confused, corrupt puppet, is even cheaper.

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