Friday, January 11, 2013

Social Security Scam

Did you know that when the age to collect Social Security was established at sixty-five(65) that the life expectancy for women was sixty-one(61) and men fifty-nine(59)? In other words, people would have wages withheld supposedly for a pension that in all likelihood they would never live long enough to collect. FDR never thought there was a "lock box" for the newly collected monies but that he would have even more and ever more resources flowing into government coffers. I do though now think that once the citizenry believes that government has made a promise, and a portion of wages or salary has supposedly been held back from them and designated as what for most is a significant part of their retirement, that government must honor their commitment and fund that so-called "entitlement". I would much rather see Social Security saved and benefits given to people who paid their entire working lives for what they are receiving in retirement than to see dole-dwelling parasites be given government handouts from our Federal system into which they have never paid a cent.

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