Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Spin Master

Barack Hussein Obama may have been less than forthright in his State of the Union Address. In fact, Obama was "spinning" so much that after his Presidency, he might make an excellent DJ up in the clubs. The saddest aspect of the evening is that the GOP is attempting to co-opt the language of the Left. They are falling into the class envy trap. The Republican Party used to believe a rising tide raises all boats as enunciated in the "trickle down" theory, but the GOP response last night shows Republicans are trying are to "buy" more votes with government giveaways to buy the votes of the so-called "middle class". The GOP is trying to sell the idea that they will do more for middle class than Obama and the Democrats are capable of doing, that in fact, Obama has failed to lift up the middle class as he has promised since the 2008 Presidential campaign. This is true- Obama has failed to deliver, but the best prescription for broad-based recovery and the most prosperity for the most Americans will not be found in pitting the poor against the rich or crafting Federal programs that supposedly benefit the middle class and the poor at the expense of the wealthy. The road to shared prosperity does not involve greater redistribution but less interference by government at all levels in free markets. In any event, Obama and his Democrats are much better at class warfare than Republicans who are not contenders but only pretenders in that Marxist game.

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