Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fear Mongers Prosper

Throughout the ages, certain people have profited mightily by scare mongering. The unscrupulous are continuing to rake it in today. They are selling everything from gold to survival items claiming a great cataclysm is about to strike. If you truly thought the world was about to end, why would you worry about trying to sell anything? Why would anyone think that "survival foods" would buy them a second if there was a nuclear exchange between Russia or China and the United States? To those building "survival bunkers" in the woods, do you think fatal levels of radiation will not drift into the forest after that nuclear exchange? If civil order breaks down and/or the type of jihad roiling the Middle East reaches America's shores, do you think you can save your family from heavily-armed roving bands of murdering thugs with the semi-automatic rifle you are training with and on which you are relying? If that grim day ever comes, those who want to kill you and your family will be coming after you, not with military-style semi-autos, but with real full automatic military assault rifles. You better hope lawful governing authority never breaks down or that thermonuclear war never erupts in America, because there will be nothing you own or can purchase that will save you. Those who are selling you merchandise now that they claim will save you from doomsday are laughing at you all the way to the bank.

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