Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Nobel Calling

Anyone who can figure out how to pacify Wahhab and Salafi Islam deserves the Nobel Prize. In fact, if someone can mollify extreme Sunni Muslims, that individual should earn immediate sainthood. No other branch of any other faith is as violent. No other sect is as aggressive in compelling non-believers. These Sunni fanatics have an "our way or we will kill you" way of comporting themselves. This uncompromising way of life (death) is obviously incompatible with other faiths, including the slightly more flexible but still dogmatic Shia Islam. If the two major strains of Islam can not get along, those being the Sunni and the Shia, how can those who Islam brands infidels ever coexist anywhere Islam holds power? That is why we today see a Middle East being depopulated of the Christian minority which until recently was as much as twenty percent of the population. Iraq, Iran, Syria, and even Egypt have become increasingly hostile to faith differences. Only Israel, the so-called "Jewish State" demonstrates broad tolerance for religious minorities. Jews and Christians in the Middle East largely make the effort to get along with other faith groups. Shia persecute and sometimes kill those who worship differently. Sunnis, particularly, extremist Wahhab and Salafi elements are intolerant of religious difference, and now routinely murder those they see as non-believers. Blessed are the peacemakers (as was said in Matthew 5:9), but their task is nigh on impossible when dealing with those who really relish cutting folks heads off and who really want to die for their religion.

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