Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Long Battle Ahead

Islamist terror did not start last week. Jihad wherein non-believers are converted by the sword or killed has been a component of the Muslim faith since the beginning of Islam. Most Muslims are non-violent but so were most Germans as Hitler marched through Europe. Peace does not need to be achieved between peaceful people. Peace can not be brokered when one side fervently believes that they must force those who disagree with them into submission, because forcing "the other (the infidel)" to submit they perceive is the will of their God. Sane people do not negotiate their own subjugation or submit to their own destruction. We see in the appeasement mentality toward the forces behind Islamist terror that many in the West are not sane. Islamic extremism did not arise in one day. It may take generations of combat to defeat the menace that stalked France in recent days.

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