Friday, January 16, 2015

A "Weaponized" Faith

Top rabbis in Europe are asking for laws to be changed so that Jews can carry guns to protect themselves and their communities after recent attacks killed Jews. The lawful authorities on the continent will likely never permit this, as they fear Jewish self-defense. There is a portion of a faith that is already weaponized. They are armed with a self-righteousness that demands murder and considers martyrdom as the highest and most holy religious aspiration. There are thousands (at least) of these people in Europe. They are not Jews but fanatic Muslims, many of whom have already gone to fight in Syria. It is not Jews or Christians or atheists or any faith group but those who consider themselves to be the most faithful Muslims who threaten the peace and stability of Western Europe (and much of the rest of the world). Rather than ever permitting Jews to be armed, it is more likely that European governments will allow Muslims to bear arms to combat what is mostly a chimera of Islamophobia, and even if the authorities do not issue permits for Muslims to carry guns, Muslims likely will carry them anyway as they seem to ignore the lawful authority already in most places they reside in Europe and enforce some elements of Sharia instead of obeying the laws of the Western nations that have sheltered them and afforded them benefits and freedom unknown in any Muslim nation.

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