Saturday, January 17, 2015

Of Perpetual Offense

There are individuals who take umbrage at almost anything. They feel the world has it in for them. There are also racial, religious, and ethnic groups that are hypersensitive and regard any talk about them as a provocation. This is not to say they are paranoid. Jews really are and have been persecuted more than any other religion. Black people really are treated differently by some retailers, certain cab drivers, and in some cases, even the police. Is there anti-Semitism? Indeed, there is. Just look at the Paris kosher market slaughter to see Jew-hatred is thriving. Does racism in the US exist today? Of course, it does but it is clearly better than it was fifty years ago. After all, Americans elected a black President- twice. Human nature will never change. There will always be people who hate others who are different from them. There will also always be folks walking around with a chip on their shoulder ready to scream "hater" for all the wrong reasons or for no reason at all.

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