Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Boiling Cauldron

Has Barack Hussein Obama brought the races closer since his ascension to the nation's highest office? Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize before he had achieved more than winning the US Presidential election in 2008 because world elite who control the Nobel Committee anticipated that the US would replace a reckless cowboy (George W Bush) with a peacemaker. Obama has not advanced peace internationally. The world is as, if not more, dangerous than ever. The Islamic State terror movement has formed and gained strength in the Iraq that Obama abandoned by prematurely pulling out US combat troops. There is a real danger that Sunni fanatics may create a Caliphate to destabilize and threaten the world. Obama, by gutting the Pentagon budget and projecting weakness rather than the will to win has allowed Red China and Russia to rise to the level of military equals to the United States. Iran has become an America-hating power on the verge of a nuclear arsenal, and Obama has not stopped them. World jihad now permeates Africa from Nigeria to Kenya with Boko Haram and al-Shabaab more potent than ever. Because of Obama's lack of resolve, the United States has not even finished al-Qaeda off after Obama did what every previous US President would have done in killing arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden. All these failures internationally are only magnified by the fact that instead of building a bridge between the races in the United States as many of his voters hoped he would, Obama has stoked the fires of discontent from his "police acted stupidly" with the Henry Louis Gates arrest early in the Obama first term. In so doing, Obama also displayed open contempt for the law enforcement officers charged with keeping the peace in this country, and poured gasoline on the fire of black distrust toward cops. Continuing to this day as we see in the Ferguson case, Obama seems more interested in dividing America by race than uniting us as Americans.

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