Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pro Football Rules

Watching National Football League pregame shows talk as much about domestic violence as the games themselves is disheartening. I realize that only a tiny minority of players have been involved in scandalous behavior. Their actions however have sullied the whole league. Equally disturbing was the display by members of the St. Louis Rams of the "hands up" motion in support of Michael Brown, who was gunned down by a policeman whose gun he had tried to take. Black athletes being paid millions to play a children's game are so persecuted by this terrible country. Try comparing the players' plight to white working men who pay half a month's wages to take their family to a pro game, pay to park, and buy concessions. I can afford to go to an NFL game, but you could not pay me to go. I do not want to subsidize Michael Vick, the dog murderer, Adrian Peterson, the child abuser, Ray Rice, who knocked out a woman, or a bunch of overpaid angry African-Americans who by their actions show that they hold the paying fans in contempt.

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