Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Some Good News

Gasoline prices are falling. My father-in-law will not have to mortgage his house to fill up his Expedition. I will not have to sell a kidney to fuel the Odyssey. No one at the service station will be trying to trade their first-born to gas up their tank. Those nice fellas in OPEC must not be happy to see their revenue shrinking. I am so sad for them. They will no longer be installing solid gold commodes. They are reduced to only purchasing gold-plated fixtures for their bathrooms which are as large as my condo. I pity the oil sheikhs when gasoline prices are falling. It must be hard to give up that second Lamborghini and shut down the Bombardier to only fly first class. How could any self-respecting oil magnate skimp by on a billion dollars a year?

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