Thursday, December 11, 2014

Protect Innocent Life

A university president is being lambasted for taking the "black lives matter" mantra that is currently en vogue and expanding it to "all lives matter". I would agree with her that the value of life is not limited to a single racial, ethnic, or religious group. All innocent human life deserves to be preserved and protected. I think that part of that protection of innocent life was the US Central Intelligence Agency's enhanced interrogation program. The aim of those measures that are now being questioned was first to ferret out and disrupt future terror operations and then to locate those culpable in attacks against Americans and the homeland like master terrorist Osama bin Laden. Clearly, the so-called "torture" of detainees must have worked as America has not had a major terror attack on our soil since September 11, 2001. Using information at least partially garnered through waterboarding, sleep deprivation, alteration of diet and other pressure techniques our intelligence gatherers used against murdering terrorists, we have protected the United States and sent our Public Enemy Number One to his watery grave. What is done to the guilty to vouchsafe the innocent, the guilty have brought on themselves.

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