Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Republican Sell Out

The GOP establishment has allowed a one trillion, one hundred billion dollar budget to be passed. Some commentators state the Republicans went along with many Obama initiatives, including funding Obamacare, to avoid a shut down of the Federal government for which they feared the GOP would be blamed. I do not think that is as much of a factor as the fact that Republican elite no longer consider themselves to be part of a party of small government and personal responsibility. The GOP is now just another quasi-socialist party that wants the Federal government to be slightly less intrusive in commerce and industry and wants to spend a little less and grow the bureaucracy a little slower than the Democrats. Have no doubt though that the majority of Republican lawmakers are now big government progressives. The Boehner/McCain Republicans want massive budgets and the massive clout that goes with them. If you expect the new Republican majority in the US Senate and the burgeoning GOP majority in the US House to fight to put America back on a limited government, Constitutional track aimed at returning to the values of our Founding, you are going to be disappointed.

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