Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sorry for Obamas?

Do you feel sorry for the first couple? Barack Hussein Obama claims he has been mistaken for a valet in his lifetime or as someone at service at a party where he was a guest. Barack says taxis have passed him by in what he wants the viewer to believe was an act of racism. Michelle Obama claims she was asked to reach something at Target by another patron who mistook the First Lady for a Target employee. I have been asked by a short Asian lady to reach coconut oil on a high shelf at Harris Teeter. She knew I did not work there but was a fellow shopper who happened to be nearby when she was not tall enough to reach an item. I gladly obliged. I did not think she had anything against white people for asking me to assist her. I did not feel demeaned in the slightest- just grateful that I could help. I think the first couple is too easily offended. If they want to take umbrage at something, it should not be merely at what only they would perceive at insults, but at something really significant like jihadists trying to kill them and us.

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