Sunday, October 19, 2014

Voice of Reason

Barack Hussein Obama's administration is still clamoring for drastic measures to defeat man-caused global warming, which does not exist, while downplaying the threat of Ebola, which has killed thousands and is bound to kill even more. Global warming has vastly enriched many of the people promoting it. Compelling evidence that man was not causing the earth to heat up was suppressed by government and media. Grants were given to so-called "scientists" who supported the idea but denied to researchers who discovered evidence that man was not causing global warming. Ebola really kills fifty to seventy percent of those who contract it. Obama is so committed to open borders amnesty that he will not exclude carriers of diseases that can kill from entering the country. Ebola is not the only disease threatening the US as the current outbreak of Enterovirus D68 seems to have its origins in Central America from which the United States has just experienced a surge of unaccompanied minors immigrating illegally. To have the nation devoting vast resources to fighting non-existent threats while giving lip service to fighting real threats to life is par for the course for the Obama administration.

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